Playing the Cloud: Why I Use AWS

I like AWS because it’s like playing the world’s greatest modular synthesizer.

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The Modules

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A Random Example

To give a random example, we need to start with the equivalent of a unique sound. Let’s say I have an investment document and I want to store it in a database, but I want an automated element which will do all the heavy lifting for me.

I can run up a simple front end application to the cloud using the Amplify Service, which will connect up an API and a database service for me.

Then on the backend I can add in the Textract service which can extract text from images.

I can use a simple storage service to store my pictures.

Every time I take a new picture, it is stored, run through Textract and the text content is extracted and stored.

Ok, so now let’s say I want just the information pertinent to investing, and I want that stored and structured nicely.

I add AWS Comprehend which is an AI service that can filter structured text data from text samples, based on pattern identification on some selected key phrases in those samples. Now I have my investing data.

Ok, but I want to make this easy for others too. Instead of having to read the results of the summarize article, I want those results read to them.

Now I add in an Alexa skill, or else I use the Polly service, to transcribe from text to voice, and I send the results to users on their phones.

And so on…

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Frank invents, codes, tests and deploys new cloud initiatives in the digital health sector.

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